Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bandung Trip - Day 2

Day 2

khayra called it "cat!!"

We kicked off our second day, after a hearty breakfast at the hotel, to Tangkuban Perahu, the still-active volcanic kawah, located 3o km off the city.

A stratovolcano, which last erupted in 1983, Tangkuban has its own legend- that is the story of Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi. If and when you get there, just go see the biggest crater, the Kawah Ratu.

There are other craters here, including one active (oozing steam - you can fry eggs here), but cukup la tengok satu. The view was mesmeric though. Is Tangkuban a World Heritage site yet?

kawah ratu

Next, it was a short drive to Sari Ater, the hot spring enclave.

We dipped our legs in the hot yet refreshing spring water. The place also has many other attractions like go-karting, pony ride, elephant ride, etc.

the border between bandung tengah-subang

After spending some time here, we headed for lunch, which was at Lembang - a restaurant called Balibu. The peculiar name stood for Baru Lima Bulan - which was the age of kambing that they slaughter, apparently the most 'ripe' age to get the best meat.

belum turun dari mobil, peniaga2 sobenir dah tunggu nak serbu!

And of course we weren't disappointed, the Sate Kambing was simply majestic, enak bangat, lebih sedap dari semua sate yang ada di Pentas Sunda mahupun Nusantara ini.

enak bangat ini.. asyik!!!

This restaurant also served a very creative-looking way to serve fried fish, that we dubbed it Ikan Terbang.

Selepas menikmati makan tengahari yang cukup memuaskan hati (dan perut), kami menuju semula ke Bandung, untuk ke area Cibaduyut - dubbed the shoe street of Bandung - sepatu murah berkualitas. There were many small shops here (emper), but of course we shopped at the proper, air-conditioned mall, lah. Interesting bargains here if you look for it closely. A worthwhile stop, even if it was a little bit distanced.

(image from google)

Our next shopping stop was Toko Tiga, in the heart of the city. Tempat ini menjual barang-barang branded yang reject atau off-line. Also a very good stop for shopaholics lah, get your cheap but original wallets, handbags, jeans, khakis and shirts here.

It had been a very tiring day for us, so dinner was welcomed, but the food was becoming quite jemu. This time, it was a place called Rumah Makan Ayam Goreng Nyonya Suharti, serving lauk nasi padang macam Restoran Sederhana semalam.

Tapi... dia punya tepung yang digunakan untuk goreng tu memang sedap lah.. boleh ratah macam tu je.. Food was average here.

So that was our second day - at least we got to see what Tangkuban Perahu was all about, a truly magnificient place.

to be continued...

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