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Bandung Trip - Day 3

Day 3

Harraz.. kamceng dengan Pak Hari

Our guide, Pak Hari promised our third day would be a shopping sojourn, so we started at Pasar Baru, tempat yang orang semua cakap THE ultimate place to shop in Bandung. Pasar Baru was an eight-story high building - sesak dan padat dengan kedai dan orang (Malaysians). Fokus di Lantai D1 dan D2 saja, sini pun dah ada macam-macam, the best and cheapest but most crowded floors of the complex.

Kebaya dan kurung sulam, telekung, blouses, tudungs, of all varieties, colours, fabrics and patterns were selling cheap here. Kids can play at Lantai 6, where the food court is also located. You can also find a masjid at the rooftop, very convenient (this is a common concept in Bandung). In Pasar Baru, you must brave the cramped shops to find the biggest bargains.

kaum adam yang kecewa, could not find anything for themselves as most of the goods here are meant for ladies.. sorry guys!

We spent up to almost 1 o'clock here (believe me, tak cukup), after which we went off for lunch at Restoran Simpang Raya for another round of... ye betul, nasi padang lagi.

Selepas itu, kami bergerak pula ke Jalan Babakan Sari di Kiaracondong, seemingly a small industrial area. We requested for this because my father-in-law brought it to our attention that in Babakan Sari, was an Al-Quran printing house.

On the way to Kiaracondong, it was raining.. kat sini pun ada banjir kilat..

Atuk yang excited!

Being a printing facility, we were denied entry at first, but the kind saptam finally granted us permission to come in, and have a look at the place's small gallery. Various religious books, and the Al-Quran, were printed and published here.

No 71, Jl. Babakan Sari, Kiaracondong
The gate.. they finally allowed us in
Abah.. in front of the gallery.. after this can show this picture to your friends, yer abah :)
Beautiful.. Subhanallah.. every single word in this al Quran has been translated into bahasa melayu
(owh.. the price here is only RM50+ , my brother-in-law bought it in Malaysia for RM120)

Abah and Mak with Pak Deni, the saptam who allowed us in

After that enlightening visit, we resumed our shopping spree - this time at Rumah Mode, but how disappointed we were. Tak tau la kenapa Malaysians suka shopping kat sini - for us, besides being crowded macam sardin, prices here are not cheap. Of course the place was beautiful, but we think Rumah Mode was over-rated. Kalau harga macam ni, elok shopping di KL saja, give Rumah Mode a miss if you want, nothing to regret.

in front of Rumah Mode

Khayra and Azri (mummy's cousin)

Kecewa dengan Rumah Mode yang indah khabar dari rupa, we requested Pak Hari to take us to a shopping mall - he took us to Bandung Indah Plaza, and across the road was the Merdeka Factory Outlet - at least we got some good bargains here.

Dinner was at Es Teller 77, where my wife tried the Bakso Super and myself, the Mi Ayam Bakso. For drinks, she had the Soda Gembira (sebenarnya sirap bandung, ini lah nama minuman ini di tempat kelahirannya), and I tried the Es Teller, which was something like ABC tapi campur mangga, nangka, kelapa, avocado dan bermacam-macam lagi, ada yang sedap, ada yang tidak berapa sedap.

in front of Bandung Indah Plaza

So, berakhirlah sudah hari ketiga - agenda shopping. Tapi nampaknya masih tidak cukup, so sudah semestinya hari keempat, akan dipenuhi dengan shopping lagi sebelum kami bertolak pulang ke tanahair..

hasil belanjanya...

to be continued..

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